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Brocanteuse: Discover my story

It all started in Paris, one day in November when I happened to be at the Saint-Ouen flea market in Paris.
At the center of that swarming and shouting, I discovered the love for the dawn light infiltrated among the stalls and for the smells of the secrets brought into the open.
The time of markets, beaten by the rhythm of tireless negotiations, is the time of revolution: because in an era where everything is made to be eaten, discarded and replaced, the charm of something that crosses the centuries to continue to live in our hands has the flavor of an iron will act.
It is not only the ethical choice of reuse and recycling, which aims to reduce the impact of our lives on this planet, but for the importance of the stories that certain objects carry with them, and that should not go lost.
But it’s also a matter of style, the ability to reinterpret the past by giving it a new light.
Every good piece of furniture and every good suit are carriers of a style that calls for a new interpretation: give them it has become my passion.
For this reason I don’t restructure: I like to find and then offer things as they are, raw, eroded by time, marked by centuries. I propose them with my own eyes, suggesting solutions and atmospheres, but I like to think that only their next owner has the right to decide what to really do with them and their nth life.
Sifting markets throughout Europe, I look for the best and I bring it among people: my itinerant temporary shops become connecting links between past and future, in which the meeting and narrative philosophy that animates the best markets spreads and propagates. An infectious passion for timeless beauty. Adventures, products, activities, stories and events can all be found on Brocantart blog: don’t miss them.


Showroom (by appointment only): 27th, Montenapoleone, Milan e-mail: info[at]


January 2013 – Brocantart Reporter, Milan

Brocantart's contest for young talents has officially open: we are looking for blogger and reporter for the Salone del Mobile 2013 in Milan. Up for grabs a job opportunity. For further information please click HERE (ITALIAN ONLY).

February 2013 - Handbag contest

The bags are one of Brocantart’s highlights. On February 2013 we will launch a contest that has to do with journey, stories and markets. At stake, some of the wonderful bags that have gone through the centuries to arrive in your hands.

March 2013 - 4th to 10th - Temporary shop in Solferino, Milan

Brocantart meets its customers for the first time. In the Temporary shop in Solferino (Via Castelfidardo 2, 20121 Milano) we will set up a small market with the best Brocantart’s products.